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Architects Vastu

Architects Vastu Advisor and Consultant in Delhi NCR, Gurgaon- Dr Mirtunjay Mishra | Top Vastu Consultant in Gurgaon

Vastu Shastra is an old Indian 'Architectural Science' that sets down guidelines for the plan and development of structures. Vastu Shastra considers the components impacting a site and teaches how to achieve amicability between man, nature and his manufactured condition. As an Architect rehearsing in India, I have understood that Vastu Shastra isn't a superstition and is very like the Architectural science that I was prepared in. Both these sciences consider the neighbourhood, encompassing atmosphere to make lovely and vaporous spaces in which one can invest a significant measure of energy without feeling awkward. We provide Architects Vastu services in gurgaon, Architects Vastu services in delhi-ncr.

architectural vastu services in delhi-ncr and gurgaon

Vastu Tips for the Ideal location for a site/house

  • Plot with a good history: It is best to buy land where happy and successful people have lived. The Reasoning – Psychologically, you will feel that a land where people were happy and prosperous, has good vibrations or energy.
  • Plot with roads on all four sides is considered the best: It ensures health, wealth and happiness. The Reasoning – This is because a Plot with roads on all four sides is not abutting any body’s property and hence one can derive maximum lighting and ventilation from all four sides.
  • The next best option is a Plot with roads on the North or East: The Reasoning – So that more light and air can enter from these sides in the mornings.
  • Plots with a water source in the North, East or North-East are good: The Reasoning – The germicidal UV rays of the morning sunlight, which engulf the North-East corner in the morning, can purify the water before you start to use it.

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