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Birth Chart Analysis

Analysis of Birth chart | Top Astrologer Dr Mirtunjay mishra

A Birth Chart or Horoscope is put to investigation with different viewpoints. The reason could be to think around oneself and what life has in store. A knowledge of ones claims identity regarding shortcoming and qualities and some direction with reference to what future holds for oneself can help in enhancing the Quality of life. We provide birthchat analysis astrology in delhi ncr, birthchat analysis astrology in gurgaon.

Birth chart analysis in delhi-ncr and gurgaon

Astrological Guidance for the New Born Child

Astrological Guidance can be taken at any time of life but it is suggested that for the New Born, Information on the down listed fields will be gainful.

  • BalaRishta , health hazards or any risk to longevity
  • Nakshatra Description (description of the birth constellation)
  • Sade Sati periods, Kaal Sarpa Yoga, other Raj Yogas or Malefic Yogas etc.

Nakshatras or Birth Constellation

  • There are 27 constellations spread in 12 Zodiac Signs.
  • The Birth constellation or The Nakshatra is the one in which Moon is transiting at the time of Birth.
  • It contributes much to the personality traits and life events or Quality of life of an Individual.
  • An individuals life begins with the Time period (Maha Dasha) of the planet which is the Lord of the Constellation in which Moon is placed.
  • The Zodiac Sign in which Moon is placed is the RASI or Moon Sign and that of the Sun is the Sun Sign.

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