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Commercial Vastu

Commercial Vastu Services in Delhi NCR, Gurgaon | Top Vastu Consultant Dr Mirtunjay Mishra

One ought to be exceptionally circumspect and worried for where we work. It not just furnishes us with consistent stream of cash, yet additionally acquires solidness and security our life. The working environment ought to be overseen and regarded similarly critical as our home. In some cases, one can endure misfortunes and destructions in work or business. This may take one into the dim period of despair and melancholy. What one should know is that with the assistance of Vastu, this dry spell can be lifted and success can by and by thump their entryway! Vastu adjusts the deficiencies in the working environment and enables positive energies to enter in the work field. A straightforward disarrangement of a specific question can, some of the time, offer ascent to greater and exceptional misfortunes. Following a couple of Vastu tips, one can recover the lost certainty and also the lost riches. We provide commercial vastu services in gurgaon, commercial vastu services in delhi-ncr.

Vastu for offices

  • Offices positioned in the east direction flourish well.
  • Always have regular shaped furniture in offices as they ensure regular inflow of money and positivity.
  • Place any water resource available in north-east direction for bringing stability in work.
  • The owner must always have their face in northern direction while dealing with someone as North direction is the way through which positive energies enter into our life.
  • In case the office has any kitchen area, it should be in south-east direction as the God of fire resides there.
  • Using vibrant colours in the office area spreads positivity and prosperity.
  • Avoid hanging any war or violent pictures as they depict negative energies.
  • Have a small temple in the north-east corner ensures safety and prosperity.
  • For generators, the south-east direction is advisable as God of fire resides there and ensures safety.
  • The staircases must never be spiral as it might result in health and wealth problems.
  • Avoid any pigeon nests and spider webs as they spread sadness and gloom.
  • Avoid having any electric pole or any other obstruction on the main entrance as it results in huge losses.
  • Do not have any broken mirrors or stopped clocks as they are the root cause for any negativity in your life.

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