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Matching Horoscope

Marriage Compatibility / Matching Horoscope Services in Delhi NCR, Gurgaon | Top Horoscope Expert Dr Mirtunjay Mishra

Marriage is an institution of close complimentary cooperation. Its success or failure depends on the couple’s ability to work together as a team.

An Astrologer ensures the same by scientifically Matching the Horoscopes of the couple with respect to certain Points which cover and describe the ‘Essentials of Marriage’ such as conjugal bliss, growth of family, socio-economic status after marriage etc.

The Points are matched to derive at a score which is with respect to each others Moon Sign.

The Scientific Principles of matching are being explained here, simultaneously answering the questions as to

How many Gunas (Matching Points) are there?
What do these Gunas represent?
Is the match essentially very good if number of Gunas matching shows high percentage?

The Gunas – Matching Points

There are 36 points to be allotted to 8 Gunas namely :

VARNA - One Point is allotted to this Guna.

Ego- Problems between the couple can be prevented by matching this Guna with care.

VASHYA – Two Points are allotted to this Guna.

It shows intensity of love& mutual attraction between the couple.

TARA – Three Points are allotted to this. Compatibility in this regard shows longevity and health of the couple.

YONI – Four Points are given to this Match Point. It shows sexual and biological compatibility. It indicates conjugal bliss.

GRAHA MAITRI - Five Points are given If compatibility exists in this regard. It gives good progeny. Points are given on the basis of degree of friendship between the lords of the Moon Sign of the couple.

GANA MAITRI - Six Points are allotted if compatibility exists in this regard. It reflects if the basic characteristics and temperament of the couple will match with each other or not. The Social interaction of the couple amongst friends and family might be nil or very rare if there is gana dosha for the simple reason that both will like different kind of persons as friends and might choose different places of entertainment.

BHAKOOTA - Seven Points are given for this guna. It holds great importance as it controls many factors such as Socio- Economic Status, Progenic happiness, growth of family, Family Welfare etc. A couple with a severe Bhakoot dosha can struggle for financial stability or lack of progenic bliss.

NADI - Eight Points are reserved for this Guna as this is the most important one. It represents Pulse or nervous energy. If full scores are obtained for the above gunas and compatibility does not exist in this regard, the match is rejected because it can lead to the death of one partner. It shows length of togetherness in marriage.

RAJJU AGREEMENT - No Points have been reserved for this but it is essential to match it. It gives duration of married life.

MAHENDRA - It bestows luck through sons, promotes well being and longevity of the couple.

STREE DERGHA KOOTA - It gives all round prosperity and wealth.

VEDHA - Certain pairs of nakshatras are prohibited. Marriage of a couple falling in above pairs is prohibited.

TATTWA - There are three tattwas- Prithvi, Jal, Agni, Vayu, Akash. Nakshatra of boy and girl should not belong to Agni, and Jal tattwa and vice-versa.

Discussion - Therefore total number of gunas obtained to decide if the couple should marry is not always the correct approach. The analysis should essentially be performed qualitatively not quantitatively.

Moreover, individual analysis of the horoscope is very essential with respect to longevity and affliction of 7th and 8th houses.

Manglik yoga and its cancellation if one of them is not manglik should be carefully adjudged.

Mental stability, prosperity, good health, morality and character etc should also be checked before reaching to any conclusions.

Forthcoming Dashas and Antardashas should also be checked. If marak dashas or period of Badhak planets are falling immediately after marriage in any of the charts it might give a wrong start even if the matching of Gunas declairs high scores.

All of this should be done before starting to match the Gunas though mentioned lastly because if the Quality of Birth Chart is not good there is no use of match the gunas.

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