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Religious Vastu

Best Religious Vastu Shastra Consultant, Advisor in Delhi NCR, Gurgaon- Dr Mirtunjay Mishra

The presence of God in our way of life needs no clarification or evidence. We see marvels around us on regular schedule which guarantees the incomparable nearness of the Almighty. He is the middle and defender of every one of our exercises. Every one of our accomplishments or and disappointments are His choices.

The Brihat samhita expresses that God cherishes living in places where there are streams, springs, timberlands, mountains in the region. One can encounter the heavenly nature and deep sense of being of such Holy places the minute we enter inside the zone where the Almighty lives. It is vital to put the symbols inside any religious places, for example, sanctuaries, contemplation or yoga focus, well as per the principles of Vastu Shastra. It brings agreement and peace, as well as produces positive energies that diffuse around like the swells made by a stone tossed in water. We provide Religious vastu services in delhi-ncr, Religious vastu services in gurgaon.

Vastu Shastra for puja rooms at home

Following are a portion of the basic Vastu Tips that ought to be remembered while building a Pooja room:

  • Yama and Agni rule the south and south-east direction. Avoid locating your pooja room in these two directions.
  • If the pooja room and the bedroom is the same due to insufficient space, try to keep the place of worship in North-east corner and your feet should never face the temple.
  • Avoid constructing the pooja room near the toilet area to prevent the negative energies from polluting the pious atmosphere.
  • Smooth flow of positive energies is facilitated if the Puja room is pyramid shaped.
  • Soft colours should be used in the Pooja room to avoid distraction while worshipping.
  • Avoid bringing and keeping idols of ancient temples in the pooja room. Unless you worship in a traditional way, do not keep Shri Chakra and idols of Shaligram as they have strong powers that cannot be tolerated by the worshipper.
  • Do not put the pictures of dead ancestors along with the idols in Pooja Room.
  • Light a lamp daily in the morning and evening in the south-east direction as it is the place where Agni God resides.
  • A dustbin attracts negative energies. Do not keep any dustbins in the Pooja Room.

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