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Residential Vastu

Residential Vastu Advisor, Consultant Expert in Delhi NCR, Gurgaon- Dr Mirtunjay Mishra

A house isn't only a structure of bond and blocks. A man has a great deal of feelings and desires appended to his home. It is one of the greatest resources that give a suspicion that all is well and good to the general population living in it. Individuals buckle down every one of their lives to spare cash for building a place they had always wanted. Be that as it may, in some cases, things drop out of our hands and regardless of how hard they function, they continue losing everything, piece by piece. Be it their heath, riches, true serenity or connections, all they experience is disappointment! Ever figured what could be the purpose behind this? We provide residential vastu services in gurgaon, residential vastu services in delhi-ncr.

Regardless of how present day we get or how extraordinarily we disregard the significance of Vastu while developing our homes, its effect can't be overlooked. Vastu Shastra (the study of Architecture) precisely thinks about the energies encompassing us and its impact on our lives. Private Vastu is something that you should execute while building a house to guarantee glad and quiet condition. Following are some Residential tips that can help welcome positive energies in the house.

Vastu Tips for the House

  • Always chose East and North facing plots which are regular in size (like square or rectangle) as they are considered auspicious.
  • Avoid having any corners in your building that might have cuts or extensions as they attract negativity.
  • Prefer buying plots that have four side pathways as they are believed to bring peace, happiness and prosperity.
  • A leaking overhead tank is considered inauspicious in Vastu.
  • The Overhead water tank must never be placed in the South-East direction as this direction invites fatal accidents and may result in financial loss.
  • Always use light colours in the house as they as a symbol of happiness and harmony.
  • Never sleep in the Pooja Room of the house.
  • The windows and the doors must always be placed opposite to each other. This helps in balancing the positive and negative flows of energy.

Vastu Tips for the Children's Rooms

  • Avoid using direct overhead lights or very sharp lights in the room of children as they may stress their mind and distract
  • The doors should be east and north facing and the windows should be always on the opposite sides of the doors.
  • It is recommended to use the colour green as it brings peace, better concentration and a touch of freshness in the child.

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