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Vedic Mantra

Vedic Mantra, Vedic Astrology, Vedic puja path services in Delhi NCR | Best Vedic Astrologer Dr Mirtunja Mishra

vedic mantra in delhi-ncr and gurgaon

Vedic Mantra Treatment (also called as Chikitsa is the ancient science originated from Vedas. This is a parallel science to Ayurveda also called as Alternative Medicine System.

Vedic Mantra Treatment is based on chanting Vedic mantras and awaken the body's natural healing mechanisms. The right and systematic chanting of Vedic mantras produces a state where the end user receives positive energy which allows the body to come back to a natural state. We provide vedic mantra in delhi-ncr, vedic mantra in gurgaon

Vedic mantras are energy based sounds and Vedic mantra treatment is a great solution to treat physical and mental illnesses. Distinct from traditional Ayurveda, Vedic mantra treatment emphasizes the role of mantra chanting and the Vedic way of Living.

The universe manifested in a mathematically precise manner creating a very precise underlying structure to creation. The building blocks of that structure are mantras, which have a corresponding sound. Those sounds each have a specific quality which, when chanted, enliven that value in the physiology and psyche. The science of using the right mantra at the right time in the right manner is subtle indeed, just as using the right medicine at only the right time and dose is of great importance.

On one level, a mantra is a sound. From another angle, a mantra is a word with a meaning. From another, it can be a name of a God i.e. a name for one facet of the One. Some say a mantra should be done with reverence or it will not be effective. That is true and not true. If the mantra is repeated without reverence, it still has an effect.

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